Bethel Classifieds

The Bethel Classifieds existed on a student portal as a small applet that was rarely seen or even known about by Bethel students. So we had to create an actual webpage where anyone can create, view, and manage classified listings. A partner and I built the website for the Bethel Classifieds from scratch using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Python. We had to create a user-friendly webpage that stayed in brand.

I viewed multiple Bethel webpages and the brand guidelines to fully understand the Bethel brand. I had to do a lot of research on how to format the layout of the listings due to functionality reasons.

I studied the Bethel brand and web development techniques to guarantee friendly usability and an appealing display.

In the end we created a fully functioning website for Classifieds. The website included viewing, creating, and manage the listings. The client was involved in the entire process so we simply showed the last touches on the website once we were done.